7 emails – 7 days. Can you learn social media in just 2 minutes per day?

This sounds like a great idea and I’m eager to get started. In total I will invest 14 minutes of reading time to get a grasp of Social Media Marketing. I’m signed up and ready to go. Visit Buffer and sign up to try this for yourself.

Day 5 – Learn What Works For You

You need to access your social media stats. For example Twitter has an official analytics site. Other tools inc: Buffer, SumAll, HootSuite.

Once you have a reporting tool you can build your strategy. The goal is to learn which posts are performing best.

1. Set a benchmark
View your stats after a month and note the average number of clicks, shares, likes and comments. This will be the benchmark to going forward. Always looking to improve.

2. Test something new
You won’t know until you try new things. If you hear of a new strategy, try it for yourself.

3. Did it work?
Compare the stats from your benchmark with your tests. If it went well, make those changes and continue testing something new.

This process will ensure you will improve the way you share on social media.

Today’s task – create benchmarks for my 2 most meaningful stats

1. Twitter Impressions – how many people saw the tweet on Twitter?

2. Twitter Engagements – how many clicks, favourites, retweets did I receive?