7 emails – 7 days. Can you learn social media in just 2 minutes per day?

This sounds like a great idea and I was eager to get started. In total I would invest 14 minutes of reading time to get a grasp of Social Media Marketing. I’m signed up and ready to go. Visit Buffer and sign up to try for yourself.

Day 1 – How to choose a social network

Most people already know you don’t have to be on every social network – only the ones that matter to your audience. Choose the one that allows you to achieve your strategy and goals.

Ask yourself

  • Where do your potential customers hang out?
  • Which social network has the right demographics?

Time required

  • 1 hour per day on each social network
  • This requires personnel- it is a job – staff need training
  • It takes time to learn
  • Give it a couple of months to see how you get on
  • Buffer can help save time by automatically scheduling your updates

Useful demographics

  • Facebook and Pinterest are more popular with women
  • LinkedIn is more popular with men
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are popular with the 18-29 age group
  • LinkedIn and Pinterest are more popular with those with advanced education
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are popular among those with higher income

For a more in-depth look into social media networks: How to choose a social network

Your task is to choose 1 social network to focus on

Why I chose Twitter

  • It’s easy to set up
  • It’s easy to find and follow people
  • I never tweeted to start with – I just followed accounts that was relevant to my business
  • It became an important source of news – like a 24 hour news feed
  • It’s easy to share. Just retweet