With Tweet Activity you can reveal the number of impressions and engagements you made

There’s a new icon sitting below each Tweet on your stream. Roll over the 3 bars icon and you get to (View Tweet Activity)

Impressions let’s you know how many people saw your Tweet on Twitter

Engagements lets you know the number of times users reacted to your Tweet

When you click on view details another screen opens with more Tweet Details. Here you can find out the number of Link Clicks and how many people clicked a video or image. As well as displaying a bar chart with the times of active impressions.

View Tweet Activity

Useful to check the effectiveness of your Tweets

If you didn’t get much engagement the first time round, don’t despair. Make some changes and try again! Did you post at a good time? Did you use the right hashtags? Did you Tweet an image or a link? Perhaps you could change the wording to try and get more clicks. It’s okay to Tweet the same message several times to try and reach a wider audience.


Tweet Details